A Taste of Kristin and Tony

This CD samples a variety of music styles that RIO performs in:  Latin, Flamenco, Hungarian Gypsy, Jazz, Celtic, Western, and ClassicalThe cover is pictured at the top of the page, and song list is in the inside.

   Sample 1                  Sample 2

Waltzes and Tangos of Old Mexico

This CD features beautiful Waltzes and Tangos that we have dug up, and that
 were once popular, even here in the Southwest.

Beautiful listening and sharing with your friends!

        Sample1                  Sample 2

Gypsy Boogie

Hungarian Gypsy violin music.
Sometimes when we perform this music, wild dancing and hand clapping 
spontaneously erupts.

        Sample 1                 Sample 2

Arizona Nights

This is Antonio Cocilovo's solo guitar CD

I was driving home from my yoga class earlier this evening and wanted to listen to something beautiful and relaxing, but knew I wouldn’t find it on the radio. Fortunately I remembered that your Arizona Nights CD was in my player and turned it on.
It was exactly what I need—Beautiful and Relaxing.

This music is perfect for having guests over for dinner.  It is sumptuous, and not overcrowded with a lot of fill.

           Sample 1                 Sample 2

We do not have on-line ordering services,  Please call Tony at (928) 445-1643 to order any of the above CD's

$15. each

Ask for special discounts if you are ordering 3 or more