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We are from Prescott, Arizona.  We  are  available to provide live musical entertainment for weddings, corporate and special events, and private parties.  During the time we have been together we have already earned a reputation for exceptional musicianship and an outstanding repertory.  From  quiet background music to the main event, we can fulfill all of your musical needs.

We present beautiful and elegant music as well as hot rhythmic Gypsy,  Latin and Flamenco pieces.  Tony the guitarist also plays romantic European and Italian music on the mandolin.     The variety of instrumentation possibilities keeps the energy alive, and allows for  tasteful expression of world music styles.  One of the best parts is that you can have the opportunity to design the musical tapestry of your event - making it a completely unique affair.

Your guests will find beauty and passion in our music, and our energy and enthusiasm is contagious!

Music of the Southwest    This is  music with Spanish or Mexican roots that became popular in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and parts of California.  However the Spanish and Mexican music is rooted in European dance music  from the 19th century- mostly waltzes and polkas (rancheras).  Antonio has specialized in these musical styles, and the music and dance history of the Spanish Southwest.   From 1560 to 1820 this area belonged to Spain, and was very much influenced by that part of the world.  The settlers, finding themselves thousands of miles away from home,  found solace in the fiddle and guitar.  They held dances at every possible opportunity.   During performances, Antonio often talks about this Southwestern culture; about how it came to be, and  what the people were like.  It is truly a fascinating piece of history that never got told in our schoolbooks.


Latin Jazz





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Our music selections are based on European Traditional music styles.  These include Gypsy, Flamenco, Celtic, Italian, Latin, and Classical.  The American styles that they have added are Jazz, Western, and Popular.  Violin, guitar, bass, and percussion have been used throughout the world for hundreds of years to express the most beautiful and heartfelt music. The richness and depth of these instruments can move the emotions to excitement, joy, or stillness and contemplation.   Thus they are suitable for any event.

We are perfect for intimate events where quiet background music is preferred and they are just as perfect for exciting on-stage performances.  Tony and Kristin perform beautifully  for Weddings, including the classical music at the ceremony, and the dancing at the reception.   They are also perfect for Corporate Events, Clubs, Openings, Private Parties,  Special Occasions, and more. 

Each has unique musical passions; Tony’s love (guitar, mandolin) has been Latin, Flamenco and Mediterranean,  Kristin’s (violin) has been Classical and Jazz.

 Their influences come together in a magical way to produce a vibrant and rich experience for anyone listening.   Your guests are sure to thank you for having them at your event.  

We can customize their musical styles and choices to fit your particular event.  You can choose which you would like , or leave it to them to design the musical landscape for your particular event.  They also play at the volume that you would like- and dress up or down depending on the occasion.

We are available to perform throughout Arizona - and beyond.

Give your guests more than an event - give them warm memories.  The beautiful music of RIO will insure every possible advantage to  your success and the happiness of your guests.  

A WORD ABOUT PRICING:  If you have a spending budget for your event, please do not hesitate to call us.  We will work with you and let you know what we are able to do within your budget.   

We Work With You to Insure Your Guests  Have a Memorable Experience.

To contact  - call Tony Cocilovo (928) 445-1643 (Arizona business hours)